INNOSYSTEMS has been founded in 2011, by an enthusiastic and talented team of experts in the fields of Innovative Business Development, Advanced IT Solutions and Management, Cross-domain European Commission co-funded Projects as well as Greek National Investment Programmes. Although the company has been established relatively recently, its dedicated personnel has an extended experience and in-depth know-how in complex projects involving multinational and multicultural consortium members across different industries and fields of expertise and knowledge domains, since the early 2000. INNOSYSTEMS is a cutting-edge, highly innovative company, established to provide uniquely customised and innovative technical solutions and consulting services to a broad range of stakeholders such as businesses, public and private organizations, governmental authorities, public administration houses, etc., in order to provide efficient and effective high-end products, business and research-driven IT solutions and services by integrating heterogeneous information and distributed services.
INNOSYSTEMS is providing a range of products and services, namely: (a) Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis Services, (b) Wide Scale Survey Management Services, (c) Custom Software Development Solutions, and most importantly (d) research and innovation project-based development in various knowledge domains such as eLearning tools and platforms, energy efficiency and eco-friendly services, security, transportation, IoT technologies, etc.